You Can’t Fire Richard Vitale Because He Quits

1210864445We imagine that every time one of those Southwest ads that ends with “Want to Get Away?” comes on in Sal DiMasi’s household, the Speaker fantasizes about sticking his friend Richard Vitale on one of the gold planes and sending him very, very far away. Every move Vitale makes brings DiMasi’s quartet of ethics investigations back into the news.

Today, the headlines are all about Sal’s Pal quitting his day job at his accounting firm.

The reason behind Vitale’s departure is debatable. The Globe reports that he was forced out by his partners.

The resignation came under pressure from his partners at the firm, according to someone who read a letter from the partners warning Vitale that he would be fired if he did not resign by yesterday at noon.

The Herald sticks with the official explanation from Vitale (and Boston magazine) spokesman George Regan.

“This has been in the works since last July. It was a perfect storm. . . He cashed out and a new partner was named to take over his accounts. That was his intention, to retire all along.”

Hey, don’t retired people typically move to Florida? We’d guess DiMasi is sending Vitale brochures to Del Boca Vista by the boxful to get his friend out of his hair. As long as Sal doesn’t visit for some free golf.