48 Hours of Freedom

It’s the weekend. You can spend it trying to will Memorial Day Weekend to come faster, or you can just simmer down and enjoy the weekend that’s here now. Here are some other suggestions for your precious two days of total freedom, prepared for you by Boston Daily.

It’s like Iron Chef, but the secret ingredient is a randomly-selected guest, not food. Glamorous Red II pits some of Boston’s best salons against each other in a live makeover competition.

Memorial Day is next weekend, which means it’s almost time to break out your summer clothes. Pick up some new looks from your favorite designers at x-hale Boutique’s Pre-Memorial Day Sale.

It’s Excelsior’s Fifth Birthday, but we’re the ones who get to celebrate. The party features $5 cocktails and a live DJ.

A Gathering of Coens is bound to be a quirky, violent affair. The Brattle Theater kicks off its Coen Brothers film festival with No Country for Old Men.

Our friends the Black Keys play the Orpheum tonight.

One of our favorite weekend activities is looking at real estate. Tour someone else’s house without lying to a realtor about your desire to move at the Wellesley Kitchen Tour.

The new Newton North High School isn’t the only work of art in the city. Two hundred artists open their doors for Newton Open Studios.

How often to you find designer jeans for under $100? In-jean-ius’ Sidewalk Sale features racks of denim from your favorite names for as low as $25 a pair.

We eat bread as a meal far more often than we’d like to admit. We and our fellow bread-lovers can indulge publicly at Sel de la Terre’s Sourdough Sundays.

They’re finally back! New Kids on the Block are one of the many bands to play Kiss Concert 2008.

And if that weren’t enough hotness for one weekend, Mike Lowell will appear at the Estate to promote his new book and make us swoon.

The problem with the advice given in Augustana’s hit song “Boston” is that people know our name in this city. If only there were a place we could go where no one knows our name.

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