The Cost of Love

1210949458Being in a long-distance relationship sucks. You stay tethered to your phone like a lovesick teenager to keep the lines of communication open. There’s no calling up your significant other and asking him to come over and make out on a whim.

And now it’s becoming prohibitively expensive for couples to travel and get that much-needed face time.

Not since Romeo and Juliet has there been a tale of such woe.

Long-distance couples half-rooted in the Boston-area. . . say gas prices and airfare (not to mention a wave of canceled flights) are leaving them broke, emotionally exhausted, and seeing less of each other. No more last-minute jaunts to New York to surprise their partner after work. No more quick flights to Philadelphia to see their significant other’s smile. Travel is too expensive these days for spontaneity and frequent visits.

First the terrible economy limited the amount of rice we can buy. Then we had to ditch our SUVs. Now you take away our boyfriends and girlfriends?

No wonder the President’s approval ratings are so bad—everybody’s cranky because they’re not getting any.