Everybody Loves the People’s Republik

1211221734Cambridge’s People’s Republik is the unofficial bar of Boston Daily. Whether we’re talking smack over a game of darts or just looking to have a pint without pretension, it’s one of our go-to spots.

We’re not the only ones showing the bar some love. Esquire voted People’s Republik one of the Best Bars in America in its latest issue.

“It’s good, I suppose,” People’s owner Robert Blair (no relation to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair) told Boston Daily last week. “Any time we’re recognized, we’re happy.”

Blair had been away on vacation, so he couldn’t tell whether the glowing review (which has not yet been posted Esquire’s website) had brought in a slew of new customers. He did tell us that business is still booming from another recent high-profile nod.

“Being in 21 gave us a bit of a boost,” he said of the film adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s novel Bringing Down the House. The bar beat out several other Cambridge haunts because the director “just liked” People’s.

Blair isn’t concerned about the accolades disturbing the bar’s low-key vibe. “I’m more worried they’ll be disappointed the guy won’t be there to take off his leg and blow in it,” he said, referencing the “free-verse-spouting guy who sometimes takes off his wooden leg and strums it like a guitar” mentioned in the Esquire write-up.

Maybe he should find volunteers to chop of their legs in exchange for a free pint?

“Well, people might actually take me up on it,” he replies. We know we’ve got our hacksaws ready.

People’s Republik, 876 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 617-491-6969.