Police Blotter Fun

As a public service, we recap the droll commentary and surprisingly stupid criminals that make the crime reports required reading.

There’s something liberating about checking into a hotel. Whether you’re involved in a scandalous tryst or just looking to shake up your love life, the change of scene can be exciting.

1211205273But we’d advise you to get to your room before getting drunk and sticking your hands down your pants. Otherwise, you’ll end up like a 44-year-old Maine man who was arrested in Boston this weekend.

BPDNews.com sets this bizarre scene at the Copley Westin hotel.

[O]fficers met with hotel security who reported that an unknown hotel patron had been observed sitting in a chair in the lobby with his hands down his pants. Hotel security had asked the guest to leave several times prior to police arrival but he had refused. Officers were directed to the suspect who was still seating in the lobby and they observed him sitting in a chair holding a paper cup containing alcoholic beverage. In addition, officers observed the suspect’s pants’ zipper to be down and a white plastic bag containing several bottles of vodka.

It gives “get a room” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?