Weekend Redux: What You Missed

1211202568Just because you spent all weekend holding a candlelight vigil for the Celtics doesn’t mean the world stopped moving. We round up the notable stories you missed.

Richard Vitale made $60,000 from a group of ticket brokers for lobbying House Speaker Sal DiMasi. Vitale’s spokesman reiterates to the Globe that Vitale was a mere strategist, not a lobbyist.

Regan insisted the ticket brokers’ filings were consistent with Vitale’s. He pointed to one of several disclaimers in the association’s filings, which noted that “No apportionment has been made to determine what amount, if any, is attributable to any lobbying, or if such lobbying activities were in fact performed.”

“That doesn’t disagree with Mr. Vitale’s position that he provided strategic advice rather than lobbying,” the Regan’s statement said.

Rich people are shopping second-hand. This is even worse news that the rising cost of long-distance love!

Crooked cop Roberto “Kiko” Pulido was sentenced to 26 years in prison for his role for conspiring to protect a cocaine shipment in to Boston. The prosecutor sums up the former motorcycle cop’s behavior up nicely.

“This man loved this life of crime,” [John] McNeil said about Pulido. “We have three years of recordings of all kinds. They paint a picture of a man so thoroughly corrupt that no crime was too small and no crime was too large. He was a jack-of-all-crimes. He was not a corrupt cop. He was a criminal who managed to get a police badge . . . This man does not deserve a break.”

Ted Kennedy had a seizure, and everyone freaked out. Even the Herald called him “human.” From the Globe’s roundup of political reaction:

At some point yesterday. . . politicians in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., paused to imagine what life would be like without Ted Kennedy. The result was a blend of fear and sadness.

“The political world just shut down,” declared Representative Barney Frank in the middle of the day[.]

The Senator seems to be doing well after this latest health scare.

Activists in California are looking to Massachusetts for ways to keep its recent high court ruling that legalized gay marriage.

A Harvard student can balance a tray of clam chowder on her head. Jonathan Papelbon was impressed.

During the footloose and fancy free credit binge of the early 2000’s, a woman who couldn’t speak English and was delenquent on the rent for her public-housing apartment was given mortgages valued at over $1 million. Nice.