The Herald Goes Green Baiting

While it may not be in contention for a Pulitzer, Jessica Van Sack’s expose on the MBTA’s elite team of perv hunters may be the best article we’ve read all year. It had all the elements of great storytelling (justice! danger! pervs!) and tapped neatly into our fears of creepy guys on the T.

1211295635The Herald tried to force lightning to strike twice, this time sending Mike Underwood for a joyride in a Hummer in the hopes that some pinko liberal in Cambridge or Brookline would fly into a rage.

Alas, it was not to be.

[A]s I rolled into the Peoples Republic of Cambridge, I was fully prepared for a volley of one-fingered salutes and disapproving scowls.

Surprisingly, the bustling crowds barely raised an eyebrow – even when I wound down the window and cranked up the stereo as I rolled through Harvard and Inman squares.

The reporter got some furrowed brows and grimaces in Brookline, but nobody called him a polar bear-killing cretin.

We’ve got to give the Herald credit for trying, but some jerk driving a gas guzzler doesn’t tap into that primal fear of grossness like the perv patrol. Perhaps next time you can get a perv behind the wheel of the obscene vehicle and capture the reaction as women react to his crass come-ons. That’s the only way this story could beat the one about ass-grabbers on the T.