Will Jim Ogonowski Fall Short?

Dear Jim Ogonowski,

Hey there, Jim. Boston Daily here. As you may know, we’ve been fans of your quixotic campaigns since you announced your intention to run for John Kerry’s Senate seat. Any guy who loses a congressional race to a candidate with little political experience and goes on to challenge one of the most powerful people in the senate is someone we’ve got to root for, if only because we love schadenfreude.

1211290932But before you keep on amusing us ramp up your campaign, you may want to be completely sure your name is on the ballot.

Because right now, you’re kind of short on signatures.

Ogonowski still needs at least 259 certified signatures to qualify for the September primary. But even that estimate is low, because he is expected to need a cushion of up to 1,000 more to withstand challenges to the validity of individual signatures that are sure to be mounted by his rival in the GOP primary, Jeff Beatty.

“There appears to be some question as to whether he will make it,” said Secretary of State William F. Galvin, a Democrat whose Election Division compiles signature tallies submitted by individual city and town clerks.

Don’t get disqualified on a technicality, Jim. We know you’ve got so many more funny commercials left in you.

Boston Daily