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1212150835Newbury Street gets dissed by one of its own: The owner of Louis Boston says the store will leave its prime Newbury Street location when its lease is up in 2010. Debi Greenberg says, “Here on Newbury Street, the stores are all similar. There isn’t anything new anymore[.]” Ouch. [Globe]

Welcome to Boston, tourists! Police shot a man on Boston Common yesterday evening after he pointed a fake gun at them. [Herald]

Can’t we all agree bagels are delicious on any day of the week? The owner of Newman’s Bakery in Swampscott is upset that the Rabbinical Council of Massachusetts has revoked its kosher certification because the store is open on Saturdays. The board had allowed the bakery to operate with a kosher certification on the Sabbath for more than 50 years. [Globe]

Just in case you were wondering: The Herald tells us that MBTA GM Dan Grabauskas won’t lose his job over Wednesday’s fatal crash on the Green Line because everybody likes him too much. We. . . didn’t really hear anyone calling for his head, but thanks for clearing that up. [Herald]