As the Globe Turns

1209576139In case you haven’t been paying attention, times remain tough at the Boston Globe. In this month’s issue of Boston magazine, I reported that a number of prominent Globies were leaving the paper, including gossip columnist Carol Beggy, and sports mainstays Jackie MacMullan and Gordon Edes.

As it turns out, Edes is still at the paper. According to sources, Edes put in for the buy-out, but was rejected. That could have something to do with rumors that he’s trying to land at Yahoo sports. Perhaps the brass didn’t want to pay him to jump to another outlet. Or maybe the new gig fell through. Either way, Edes continues to hammer out copy for the broadsheet.

Meanwhile, at least 42 of his colleagues have left the paper in the latest round of buy-outs.

Some of these names have been reported elsewhere, but below you’ll find a fairly extensive list of the newly departed. Among the notable newsroom staffers to bid farewell are Beggy, automotive reporter Royal Ford, photographer William Polo, living arts reporter Suzanne Ryan, health and science reporter Alice Dembner, assistant sports editor Ken Fratus, sportswriter Peter May, Globe magazine assistant art director Emily Reid Kehe, business reporter Thomas Palmer, and editorial writers Tom Gagen and Alyssa Haywoode.

The following is part of an internal Globe newsletter that was passed my way. It lists all the employees who accepted the buy-out — not just in the newsroom, but throughout the building:

Good-bye colleagues
During the latest round of buy-outs, the Globe’s immeasurable talent continues to leave. We want to say a hearty good luck and thanks for all their excellent, tireless work to make this newspaper one of the best in the nation: Charles Sennott, Peter Howe, Royal Ford, William Polo, Suzanne Ryan, Colin Nickerson, Marc Shechtman, Alice Dembner, Ken Fratus, Peter May, Kathleen Hennrikus, Emily Reid Kehe, Thomas Palmer, Carol Ann Beggy, Peter Howe, Steven Cumming, Brenda Cote, Suzanne McDonald, Tom Gagen, Alyssa Haywoode, Deborah Breen, Esther Perdomo, John Cavanaugh, Aimee Monteith, William Martin, Arthur Collette, Diane Mulcahy, Andrea Pike,Gerry Donga, Cindy Hansbury, Jacqueline Ahern, Barbara Miller, Mark Maclean, Kathy Flynn, Daniel Hegarty, Ann Jackson, Arlene Vegnani, Mary London, Patty McKay Neville, Marie Caci, Patty Mak Folan, Kara Norton.