Carl Sciortino Looks on the Bright Side

1212519784When we last left Rep. Carl Sciortino, he had fallen short of the 150 signatures he needed to put his name on the ballot. Two judges have rejected his appeals to put his name on the ballot, and Sciortino is preparing to channel his energy into a sticker campaign for the Democratic primary.

The Somerville Journal reports that he’s looking on the bright side.

Sciortino said his campaign this summer and fall will be the same as his campaign four years ago, with one notable exception: “We have four years of accomplishments to run on.”

Way to stay positive! If we were in your shoes, we’d be kicking ourselves for not getting enough names to protect against any missing paperwork or disputed signatures. Especially since it means being an incumbent and having to campaign like mad during the primaries.

Sciortino will be going door-to-door every evening and on the weekends throughout Somerville and Medford trying to get his name out there, he said Tuesday.

As Journey once said, Don’t Stop Believin’, Carl.