Goodbye, Hazel Mae

1212499490After I read the news that sports anchor Hazel Mae is leaving NESN for points unknown, I emailed my guy friends to make sure they’re among loved ones and are away from any sharp objects.

I haven’t heard back from them, and I’m starting to get a little worried.

It just happened so fast. It hurt when Tina Cervasio left, but she’d only been with NESN for about a year and a half. Mae has been with in town since 2004.

“I’ve decided now was the right time to make this difficult decision to leave,” Mae said in a statement. “It has been both a personal and professional privilege to be a part of NESN . . . During my time with the network, I’ve had more than a few once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, including the chance to cover two World Series and a Super Bowl.

“Most importantly, I’d like to thank the amazing and passionate sports fans of New England, who have welcomed me into their homes and given me a chance to do the kind of work I enjoy.”

It’s early, but local sports bloggers are already distraught. Bruce at Boston Sports Media Watch cries “Say it ain’t so!” Red at Surviving Grady wonders what bad judgment the network will show next.

NESN launching “Tom Caron’s Pantsless Postgame”? Fenway installing Tom Arnold as permanent PA announcer and seventh-inning stretch entertainment? Manny lost for the season after a bizarre accident involving two dwarfs and a deli slicer? A drunken poker wager between John Henry and Peter Angelos that results in an Ellsbury-for-Payton swap?

The Herald cites anonymous sources who say Mae was disappointed in the new contract the network offered her. Don’t be so hasty, Hazel. We’re pretty sure that most of the men (and many of the women) in New England would pitch in $20 to keep you on their television screens for years to come. Let’s see if we can’t work this out.