Jim Ogonowski: Fail

A pall has fallen over Boston Daily HQ today, and it’s not entirely due to the crappy weather and our post-Obama clinch hangover. It turns out that Republican senatorial hopeful Jim Ogonowski has fallen 30 signatures short of getting his name on the primary ballot, thus ruining our hopes for an epic John Kerry-Ogonowski matchup.

Come on, Jim. Thirty signatures short? That other Republican dude we’ve never heard of managed to come up with 7,000 more than he needed. As a politician, you’ve got to know to cover your ass as much as possible, especially when not doing so condemns you to a sticker campaign.

As Universal Hub points out, a commenter who may, or may not be, Ogonowksi posted a rebuttal to the Political Intelligence entry about the gaffe.

The ease of which my opposition has distorted the facts and has created lies and innuendo to attempt to keep me off the ballot just illustrates why most Americans do not trust politicians and why Congress has such a low approval rating.

Ballot access is a fundamental American right and my opposition is trying to deny people the right to choose their nominee. Instead he wants to resort to gutter politics, character assassinations, legal maneuvering and questionable tactics.

Great. Now local politicians are taking a page from the Hillary Clinton playbook and crying “disenfranchisement” when his or her own incompetent staff biffed it.

It’s unclear whether Ogonowski will make like Somerville’s Carl Sciortino and run a sticker campaign, or whether he’ll heed the advice of Red Mass Group and regroup for a 2010 bid against former Congressional rival Niki Tsongas. Whatever course he takes, we hope he makes sure he has enough signatures to actually try it.