Replacing Hazel Mae

1212499490Local sports fans were shocked yesterday to learn that NESN’s Hazel Mae has decided to leave the station at the end of the month. We’re slowly moving through the stages of the grieving process, cuddling our Wally the Green Monster stuffed animals and drinking untold amounts of booze to soothe our frayed nerves.

Now that we’ve had a day to process our loss, we’ve decided to look forward. While Hazel may (yuk, yuk) be leaving, this makes room for a new anchor-hottie to take up residence at the SportsDesk.

After the jump, we consider the options.

1212602322Heidi Watney
Hot, blonde.
Cons: She’s inexperienced. She’s only been with NESN for a few months, and didn’t have a ton of TV experience before shipping up to Boston.

1212602329Bald Guy (aka John Chandler)
Pros: Experience. According to his bio, Chandler covered LeBron James during his high school days and occasionally anchors SportsDesk.
Cons: We had no idea what his name was until we looked him up. Also, he is not hot. (Sorry, Mrs. Chandler.)

1212602337Tom Caron
Pros: Has been with NESN in some capacity for over a decade, and has covered everything from baseball to skiing for various media outlets.
Cons: While he’s not bad looking for an older fellow, he just can’t fill out a dress like Hazel can.

1212602344Kathryn Tappen
Pros: Hot, blonde, likes hockey, has worked in New England for a couple of years. Men love her, women would love to be her. Seriously, she’s cute as a button.
Cons: None that we can see. If you need us, we’ll be starting a “NESN: Please Tap Tappen” petition.

What do you think? Should NESN management go crawling back to Tina Cervasio? Perhaps offer the gig to the currently unemployed Bob Lobel? Let us know your mind in the comments.

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