Gotta Lose the Lame T-Shirts

We here at Boston Daily love free stuff. But there’s only so much free swag we can handle before our hat racks are full and we’ve got more oversized shirts for the gym than we do office-appropriate attire.

1212696306If you’ve got season tickets for the Celtics, you know the pain well. The team has launched yet another free t-shirt promotion for tonight’s game.

If it’s possible, the newest shirt is even more lame than the one the team rolled out for the series against the Hawks.

If you’re heading to the Garden for tonight’s Game 1, you’ll find a free white “Gotta Beat LA” T-shirt. . . waiting for you on your seat.

Yeah, because we’re sure the team’s die-hard fans didn’t run out and buy their own Beat L.A. shirts first thing Saturday morning.