Timing is Everything

There’s nothing funny about sex offenders, and there’s nothing funny about sex-offender laws. But when you combine the two with a twist of ironic timing, there’s all sorts of comedic potential.

It it just so happens that on the very same day State Senator James Marzilli was released on bail after being arrested for a dizzying array of (allegedly!) perverted and bizarre acts—you know, the usual stuff: grabbing at a woman’s crotch, running from police, impersonating state lawmaker Marty Walshthe House passed a bill cracking down on sex offenders.

The bill, modeled after Florida’s Jessica’s Law, creates three criminal charges that carry mandatory minimum sentences. It also increases penalties for using a weapon in a crime and for using a position of authority to assault a child. It also allows prosecutors to subpoena Internet service providers to help track online sexual predators.

The bill now goes on to the Senate, where Marzilli has yet to resign his seat.

As a side note, we love how in Massachusetts whenever a bill or law refers to sex it says, “sexual intercourse or unnatural sexual intercourse.”

Just to be clear, because these things can get confusing.