The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Beat L.A! Beat L.A! edition)

She’s gone: Hazel Mae prepares to take her leave of us. We try to determine who can hope to fill her dress. (It ain’t TC, that’s for sure.)

Just another band outta MySpace: Boston’s new lead singer is a dude who likes karaoke and worked at Home Depot.

Some say the world will end in fire, others rum on ice: We learn that Robert Frost liked to knock a few back.

Cab fare hike: Do not want.

We’d break a nail for Big Baby: It seems the Celtics rookie may need some protection at the mall.

And we’d be happy to take our bodyguard salary in pizza: Big Baby also likes to make pizza. It is actually impossible for us to love him more.

Move to Vermont if you want a cow, hipsters: We decry urban farming.

More problems for the Patriots: Lineman Nick Kaczur gets caught with painkillers, then helps the feds bring down his dealer.

We’re looking into kayaks: The Longfellow Bridge undergoes yet another repair.

Oh, Ogi: Jim Ogonowksi fails.

He’s on fire: We talk to Flashover co-director Sean O’Connor.

We’re glad to see he’s still sticking his foot in his mouth: Mitt Romney drops some coded language on CNN.

Fun times for the State House press corps: Everybody’s having fun with the Jim Marzilli scandal. Except for Jim, naturally.

Send the cute bunny: But you can keep the lettuce, California.

We’re excited for all the Green’s players, but we’re delighted that Paul Pierce is finally getting his moment. Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant exchange some words to get the Boston/L.A. rivalry going again, while Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are civil to each other (lame!). Thankfully, Bob Ryan laid into Bill Simmons for our amusement.

After an endless parade of tangentially-related journalism, we finally got to talk about Game One, which turned out to be really surreal.

As the Globe Turns
We wanted a list of those who took the buyout, and we found it. We also learned that the paper wants the union to reopen contracts for “operational ‘flexibilities'”.

That’s all for us this week. If you need us, we’ll be wrestling with our air conditioners.