Is Bobby Jindal the new Mitt Romney?

1213035544Has the Republican Party found a new well-coiffed flavor of the month? Only a day after the Globe published a story about our former governor kissing McCain’s ass campaigning selflessly for John McCain, it runs a story about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal being the latest non-traditional member of the GOP who has a shot at being McCain’s running mate.

Jindal and Mitt Romney have a lot in common. They were both born to parents who practice religions outside Christianity: Jindal’s parents are Hindu. Both men are happy to make painful decisions: Romney cut jobs when he worked for Bain Capital, while Jindal had to make huge budget cuts for a state hospital in Louisiana. They’ve both flip-flopped in order to curry favor with voters: Romney, erm, everything he ever said to get elected governor of Massachusetts, Jindal trading his suits for cowboy boots.

But we say even aw-shucks Mitt has more cred than the Louisiana governor, if only because of how Jindal got his name.

Jindal has no nickname, other than Bobby – borrowed at age 4 from a “Brady Bunch” character as an all-American substitute for his given name, Piyush.

Thank God George Romney gave his son Willard a better nickname at birth. We’d hate to have a Vice Presidential fight between Bobby Jindal and Peter Romney.