Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1213025397Yet another summertime activity ruined by soaring energy costs: The Weymouth Housing Authority has banned residents of a housing project from using kiddie pools, citing liability issues, and the expense of filling and emptying the pools. [Patriot Ledger]

Come on $5! The average price for a gallon of gas has broken the $4 threshold. Swell. []

Mitt Romney is still the champion: Hillary Clinton spent $109,823 per delegate. Which is nothing compared to Romney’s whopping $1.16 million per delegate. [New York Daily News]

Looks like the Longfellow Bridge isn’t the only one with big problems: Acela service between Boston and New York will be suspended from June 14-17 to repair a bridge in Connecticut. [WCVB]

And here’s what Bostonista and Chowder have for you.

Amy Poehler walks into a Kiehl’s: The star stops by the Burlington Mall to help open the chain’s newest location.

We’re nuts for Tatte: We check out Brookline’s newest bakery.