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1213118457Anybody have a toothbrush? Because we just threw up in our mouths: The New York Daily News reports that Roger Clemens liked to take Viagra to help his performance. On the field, that is. We’re just disturbed we have to think about the Rocket’s, erm, rocket, in such, um, concrete terms. [WBZ]

Paul Pierce has no love for the Sox: Paparazzi caught the Celtics captain wearing a Dodgers hat while waiting for a ride in L.A. [TMZ]

Stay classy, L.A.! Lakers forward Lamar Odom has designed a t-shirt to benefit his personal charity. Instead of providing a pro-Lakers message, it reads “Boston Sucks U Since 1946.” [Deadspin]

Awww, baby bear! Wildlife officials had to sedate a 108-pound, 15-month-old black bear after it was spotted in a tree in downtown Worcester. He was later transported to a wooded area. The only thing cuter than the bear is the wildlife official who let him back into the wild. Call us! []

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