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1213187045McCain winks at Mitt Romney. Again: The Republican presidential nominee told supporters that “There’s nobody who represents me better today than Mitt Romney.” Would you two just decide to run together or not? There are high schoolers with relationships that are more clearly defined that this one. [Herald]

Mitt’s not the only one who might be going to the bigs: Local politicians are fundraising like crazy, just in case Gov. Deval Patrick decides to take a job with Barack Obama, should be be elected. [Herald]

Maybe as secretary of education? Patrick wants to allow districts to create “readiness schools,” which would give districts more room to experiment with curriculum and hiring practices. Experts say it could be a good idea, but that teacher’s unions are bound to fight him tooth and nail over the proposal. [Globe]

What the hell happened, then? The Middlesex DA announced yesterday that Ter’rese Edmonds was not talking or texting on her cell phone when she was driving the train that collided with another on the D Line. Investigators have also ruled out brake failure, signal problems, track problems, or a problem with Edmond’s line of sight. [Globe]