Buddy Cianci Comes to the Big Screen

1213287167While I love watching Mayor Tom Menino bike around Boston and talk about what’s loaded onto his iPod, he is not the politician that is closest to my heart. As a native of Rhode Island, I can never get enough of Vincent “Buddy” Cianci.

Much like Amy Winehouse pines for her Blake Incarcerated, I was beside myself while Cianci served nearly five years for corruption. There were no toupee sightings, and my home state’s political scene was woefully dull.

Thankfully, Buddy’s out of jail and is entertaining us once more. And not just with his awesome radio show. The Globe reports that Cianci has inked a deal to make a movie out of his tumultuous political life.

If it were possible, I would already have tickets to opening weekend.

The infamous former mayor of Providence told us yesterday he’s inked a deal with Robert De Niro‘s Tribeca Productions film company to make “The True Story of Buddy Cianci, America’s Most Notorious Mayor.” “This is going to be the true account of the rise and also the fall,” said Cianci, who brokered the deal with De Niro’s business partner Jane Rosenthal. “It’ll be an interesting story of politics and ethnicity. There is an element of tragedy, but also a lot of funny, compelling stuff.”

Robert De Niro. And Buddy Cianci. Making a movie together. If that weren’t mind-blowingly awesome enough, we learn that Mike Stanton’s book The Prince of Providence is also on track to become a film, although that project was not authorized by the former mayor.

So we’re going to get two Buddy Cianci movies. These are great times to be alive, folks.