The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (keep drinking, Kobe edition)

The Herald loses a good one: Casey Ross jumps to the Globe, and the tabloid’s Hillary Chabot gets a promotion.

There are a lot of movies we can’t wait to see: Brian De Palma takes on the Boston Strangler, while Buddy Cianci gets two flicks devoted to his adventures.

He’s got more to offer than the weather forecast: Al Roker has advice for sports fans and the lovelorn.

Church giggles at the office: The Globe nabs a guy who (allegedly) parks in handicapped spaces with his dead mother’s parking placard.

Well done, sir: Adam Reilly wins an award. We always liked that guy.

This copy of The Notebook will self-destruct in 5, 4…: Staples lamely develops the self-destructing DVD.

The arson thing was bad, but it was the dozing off that really got us mad: The Globe gets the story, but misses the point.

One of these bridges is not like the other: Yet another fine point the paper of record didn’t catch.

Casinos might still be coming: And sadly, the state might be the loser.

The case of the missing Super Bowl rings: We’re on it.

America just got 87 percent cooler: David Ortiz becomes a citizen.

Suddenly, we’re not so hungry: I spent $4.75 on this lousy Fenway Frank and all I got was food poisoning.

Look, he can handle the press: Gov. Deval Patrick’s daughter comes out, and he handles it beautifully.

Save gas: Skip Cooperstown and check out Baseball as America at the Museum of Science.

She’s got her freedom, but no job
: Channel 7 GM Randi Goldklank resigns, but doesn’t get jail time.

How many times does he have to say it? Gov. Deval Patrick isn’t leaving.

Phil Jackson gets shocked by a kid whose name he can’t pronounce in Game 2. Once we learned who the refs would be for Game 3, we got a little worried, but it wasn’t their fault the C’s dropped their first game of the Finals. We did not want to see Tony Allen taking the place of Rajon Rondo in Game 4. Kobe Bryant gets into it with Curt Schilling, and they both drive us crazy. As did the epic Game 4, but it was totally worth it.

That’s all for us this week. If you need us, we’ll be counting down the hours until Game 5.