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1213619477They just wanted to win at home, right? The Celtics dropped Game 5 of the NBA Finals to the Lakers. [Herald, Globe]

And everyone was sad: Largely because they ran up a big bar tab and stayed out late on Sunday only to witness a loss. [Globe]

Quelle horreur! The weak U.S. dollar and high transportation costs have forced local retailers to cut back on European imports. Guess you’d better get used to California cheese. [Globe]

This will make you compulsively clear your cache: A former Department of Industrial Accidents investigator who was fired for having kiddie porn on his work-issued laptop has been cleared. It seems trojans and viruses were responsible for downloading the images, not the employee. [Herald]

A new achievement for the resume: Gov. Deval Patrick will sign the $1 billion life sciences bill today, then head out to California to tout the legislation and to be named the BIO Governor of the Year. [Herald]