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1213814282If you’re that hard up, you should be willing to pay more than $1 and a smoke: A Manchester, NH, man was arrested after he offered an undercover cop a buck and a cigarette as payment for a quickie, allegedly because “[he hadn’t] had sex in four years.” [Union Leader]

Stay off the hood of a moving car, part I: A Cape Cod League baseball player is facing charges after he drunkenly struck a teammate with his truck. []

Stay off the hood of a moving car, part II: Police say the wrestler who died in an accident back in February was racing the car his friend was driving, and jumped on the hood. He fell off the car as his friend slowed down. [Globe]

Given their celebratory profanity last night, let’s hope it’s on a 5-second delay: Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett will appear on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight. [WBZ]

And here’s what Bostonista has for you.

Faking it: Bostonista tries out Shu Uemura’s fake lashes.