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1213791874Bet you’re not sorry you stayed up past your bedtime now, are you? The Celtics won the NBA Championship by completely destroying the Lakers, 131-92. [Globe, Herald]

The Celtics weren’t the only ones who performed well: Aside from some rock-tossing and minor scuffles, the victory celebrations were peaceful and stank of cigar smoke. [Globe]

Save a stogie for tomorrow: Rumor has it the Celtics will have their Rolling Rally tomorrow afternoon. [Herald]

There’s a first time for everything, right? Secretary of State Bill Galvin has asked Attorney General Martha Coakley to investigate whether Richard Vitale acted as a lobbyist. Coakley has never investigated an alleged violation of lobbying laws since she took office in 2006. [Globe]

Independent-minded: A new study finds that Boston has the highest percentage of political independents in the nation. Not surprisingly, most of the city’s unaffiliated voters lean democratic. [Herald]