Wherefore Art Thou, Confetti Guy?

When the Red Sox won the World Series, we interviewed Jason the Confetti Guy about what it’s like to experience a Rolling Rally from the player’s perspective. After the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, we interviewed him about the parade that didn’t happen, and he told us something pretty interesting.

“I really hope to do a Celtics parade someday. Like much of New England I lost track of the Celts for a long time, but I grew up in the Larry Bird era. I’m also tired of the red, white, and blue confetti. Green will be a nice break.”

1213986274Once the cigars had been lit, we emailed Confetti Guy to see if he’d be willing to talk about loading up the green and white confetti. But we’re sad to report his company wasn’t hired for yesterday’s rally.

“I have not had a phone call yet,” Jason told us on Wednesday morning. “The call came for the other parades at the very last minute, but it looks like I’m sitting this one out.”

Praying for a miracle, we checked back in on Thursday before the boats started rolling. No dice.

“I’m disappointed because honestly I’m a much bigger Celtics fan than Patriots fan. I’d a gladly traded one for the other.But don’t tell Tom Brady.”

It wasn’t all bad news for Jason—he was brought in to help install the lights for the pre-show introductions at the Garden, so he spent some time checking out the playoff logos on the parquet floor. And, like the rest of us who lined the streets yesterday, he’s just happy to see the Celtics having their time in the spotlight.

“It’s the Celtics time to shine, they have been mostly ignored since Reggie Lewis died. They have over a decade of catching up to do. . . . Kind of like when the Pats started to be good, they were an irrelevant joke up until probably 1996 or so, then boom, everyone wants to write a million things about them. The C’s deserve the attention, they earned it, and it was a long time coming.”

To borrow an old phrase, maybe Jason will get to ride the Duck Boats with KG next year.