Journalists Fear the Zorb

1214249461Early this year, we rejoiced to hear about a completely bizarre invention called the Zorb. We envisioned a great company outing when the sphere made its way East. But after reading about a journalist from Maine’s Sun Journal’s experience with the ball, we think we’ll take a pass.

Apparently, the sphere is out to get us ink-stained wretches.

Statehouse reporter Rebekah Metzler was rolling down a hill inside the car-sized plastic sphere known as “the Zorb”. . . Roughly halfway down, the Zorb struck a short post surrounded by hay, flew into the air and landed hard.

“Oh, that was not good,” a spectator can be heard commenting off camera.

Metzler drove herself back to the office, but was later hospitalized with a fractured back.

The Lost Valley Ski Area, which was hosting a press preview of the Zorb course when Metzler was hurt, has announced the ride won’t be open to the public for a while.

A local reporter was injured recently at Lost Valley while riding in a Zorb New England Ball. . . .Lost Valley will not be offering Zorb New England activities at this time and will not offer it to the public until the incident is fully investigated and its safety can be evaluated and ensured.

We think we’ll stick with bungee-jumping.