Roger Berkowitz: Still Fresh

Earlier this month, Legal Sea Foods started a minor spat with the MBTA carmen’s union over the “Fresh Fish” ads that poked fun at Green Line drivers. Rather than not dignifying the ads with a response, the carmen’s union continued to gripe, which handed Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz some coveted free advertising.

1214245532Berkowitz knows when he’s got a live one at the end of his line, and he baited union officials yet again by running a full-page ad in today’s Globe.

We know the image is kind of small, so here’s what the ad says.

“No, seriously. We’d like to invite all subway conductors to enjoy dinner on us. We apologize if our ads offended anyone. We were just having a little fun, trying to humorously show how ‘fresh’ our fish is. So we’ve sent a gift certificate to every conductor in the Carmen’s Union. Please use it to enjoy a free meal at any Legal Sea Foods location. And may we suggest the halibut.”


Let’s hope this finally puts an end to the issue. We know we’re willing to forgive a lot of transgressions as long as we get a complimentary bowl of clam chowder.