The Globe Gets Dirty

As longtime readers of Boston Daily know, we enjoy the Herald for its lurid writing and love of capturing pervs (not to mention its superior day-after coverage of the Celtics run for the championship).

1213727570While the tabloid generally has the liveliest writing of our two papers, the Globe occasionally shows a glimmer of life. Lately, the broadsheet is cornering the market on gross-out food inspection reports. And we like it.

A couple of weeks ago, the Globe reported on failed health inspections at Fenway Park. Today, the paper follows up with the news that restaurants in City Hall and the Inspectional Services office building were both serving up food in unsanitary conditions.

Cafe 1010, located on the first floor of the Mass Ave. building, flunked inspections earlier this month and in December by failing to keep hot foods at 140 degrees or warmer and cold foods at 40 degrees or cooler. Both violations are considered critical because they could cause food poisoning.

The City Hall Coffee Stop Cafe was cited in September for storing spinach pie at too cool a temperature and storing raw eggs alongside tomatoes. An inspector also noted that an employee did not use soap during hand-washing.

We appreciate high-minded pieces about our presidential candidates’ formative years as much as any other informed voter, but we love to read stories about Mayor Tom Menino possibly being served too-cold spinach pie by an employee who didn’t wash his or her hands. Keep up the good work, friends.