Oh Nuts: Manny Makes a Kid Feel Good

Our idea of hell is living with a dairy allergy. We can’t imagine a life lived without mozzarella sticks, ice cream, or ice-cold glasses of milk paired with warm cookies. We’d probably just pop some Lactaid and suffer through the ill effects.

1214320503As bad as cheese-free living may be, at least it’s not dangerous. People with severe nut allergies live in fear of being exposed to even trace amounts of nutty goodness. And Manny Ramirez feels for them.

The Herald reported that Red Sox star spent 20 minutes chatting with a young fan who can’t attend a game at Fenway Park due to his peanut allergies.

“My son said, ‘I can’t go to (Fenway) because people throw peanuts around,’ ” said [Heather] Flaherty, whose father is Boston Fire Chief George Bishop. “(Ramirez) was really respectful[.]”

There’s no indication if the boy’s proximity to the sometimes-nutty Sox slugger triggered an allergic reaction. But seriously folks, we love hearing heartwarming Manny stories.