You’ve Got Questions? Mitt Romney Has Answers

The last time we caught former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on CNN, he was singing John McCain’s praises while referring to Barack Obama as “well-spoken” and “handsome.”

1212678319The network certainly doesn’t seem to mind Mitt’s uncanny ability to stick his foot in his mouth. CNN wants you to submit questions for the former governor’s appearance on The Situation Room.

Cue the talking snowman.

What wouldn’t we ask the former governor? We’d ask what dirt he got on McCain while playing truth or dare at last month’s sleepover. We’re curious to know how certified hottie Josh Romney is doing. We want to know how Mitt keeps his hair so nice, and whether he indulges in the occasional Just for Men touch-up.

If Mitt’s history with extemporaneous speaking is any indication, this is going to be awesome.