Spanning the Web

Taking you around the Internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1214320717It was only a matter of time, really: The passenger who suffered the most severe injuries in last month’s trolley collision in suing the MBTA. [WBZ]

A nun and Steven Tyler walk into a Starbucks: While it sounds like the introduction to a joke, it actually happened in New York. The Sister was delighted to meet the Aerosmith frontman, reportedly yelling “I can’t believe you’re in my Starbucks.” [New York Post]

Most apocalyptic thunderstorm ever: Local bloggers posted great pictures of last night’s thunderstorm. [Universal Hub]

Hey, it worked for the Celtics: Bruins (you remember our fourth sports team, don’t you?) general manager Peter Chiarelli says he’d like to acquire some big talent to give the team a shot at making it past the first round of the playoffs next year. []

And here’s what Bostonista and Chowder have for you.

Break out the marshmallows: We’ve found a freestanding fireplace that will work in our apartments.

Can good food be had aboard a harbor cruise? Chowder investigates.