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1214397499The devil’s in the details: City Councilor (and possible mayoral hopeful) Michael Flaherty is livid after Mayor Tom Menino tucked a $2.025 million line item in the 2009 budget for studies about the feasibility of moving City Hall to the Waterfront. A Menino cabinet member says the council should have read the budget more carefully. [Globe]

Democratic fight club: When he’s not busy pissing off the city council, Menino is busy engaging in a passive-aggressive battle with John Kerry. While neither man will confirm it, the Herald reports Kerry is mad Menino didn’t send his minions to the state’s Democratic convention to help keep a challenger off the primary ballot. [Herald]

Ah! Bees! Marblehead residents are still shaken after a hive of aggressive bees got loose. [Globe]

Don’t keep the change: Ten Mass Pike toll collectors are unpaid leave and facing charges they used several tricks to overcharge drivers and kept the extra cash for themselves. [Herald]