Please Drink Responsibly

1212681005It may surprise you, but your faithful correspondents here at Boston Daily occasionally like to indulge in a drink or two. But while our affinity for beer may be putting our livers at risk, we don’t endanger anyone else by getting in our cars and driving home.

It’s a lesson that many people haven’t yet learned. Last year, State Police arrested 4,879 drivers for operating under the influence.

Sure, it may be expensive, but a cab is a drunk’s best friend.

Checkpoints are staffed by about 15 officers, according to police. Drivers are stopped and briefly questioned about whether they have been drinking and asked to pull over for a field sobriety test or breath-alcohol test if they appear intoxicated or smell of alcohol.

Police average about 10 to 12 arrests each time they set up a checkpoint, [Colonel Mark] Delaney said.

We’d ask what’s wrong with people, but in an era where teenagers are thrilled to be pregnant, we’re not sure there’s a satisfactory answer. Call a cab. If you live in a rural area, sleep it off at a friend’s house. Or you can lay off the sauce for once, you lushes.