Style Lessons from Boston Daily

Earlier this week, we here at Boston Daily reported on a staffer’s experience with a dozing Green Line conductor and the less-than-impressive follow-up by the MBTA’s customer service department.

Our friends over at Channel 7 picked up on the story, interviewing our own Paul Kix and several passengers who were understandably upset after last month’s fatal Green Line crash on the D Line. Since then, other media outlets have run with the story, and the driver has been suspended after all the furor.

Hey, we’re happy that we could help the MBTA make sure its employees are really earning their pay and crazy-good benefits package. But after the jump, we’d like to review a style point with our friends in the media.

Yes, this blog appears on the website of Boston magazine. Yes, the talented folks who bring you stories about manscaping and controversial shock therapy also contribute material to this blog.

But we have our own name. If you’d be so kind to look up and observe our logo, you’ll see we’re called Boston Daily.

Channel 7 mentions Boston Daily in the video package, but not in the accompanying writeup. The Herald says the report came from “an online posting on the Boston Magazine Web site.” Channel 4 doesn’t specify where we reported it.

But it’s the Globe that completely mixes media.

The incident was first reported by Boston Magazine this week, in an article. . .

Wait, what?

The Boston Magazine article. . .

The correct term is post. An item that appears on a blog is called a post. The things that appear in the glossy magazine Kevin Cullen reads while getting his hair cut are articles.

Thanks for listening, guys. We appreciate it.