Kathryn Tappen Sits at the SportsDesk

1214578795When we learned that Hazel Mae was leaving NESN, we decided to look on the bright side. Yes, we’re losing Mae after four years. But it meant there was room for another anchor hottie to take up residence at the SportsDesk. And while we appreciate the charms of Tom Caron, we hoped that the new anchor would be Kathryn Tappen.

It seems NESN was receptive to our “Please Tap Tappen” petition. With Hazel’s final sign-off tonight, Gary Roy, the network’s PR Manager, tells us Tappen will be the primary SportsDesk substitute anchor while the search continues for Mae’s permanent replacement.

“Kathryn will cover SportsDesk for the bulk of the time,” Roy told us. “She’ll do four to five days a week.”

Roy says that it could be a couple of months before NESN settles on a permanent replacement, and that as far as he knows, no potential candidates have been in-house for interviews yet. He does expect to have a new full-time anchor in place in time for Tappen to resume her duties as Bruins studio host.

Stop toying with us, NESN. Kathryn Tappen has already taken her seat at the anchor desk of our hearts. We’re just waiting (and hoping) for you to make it official.