The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (damn you, sudden thunderstorms edition)

Asleep at the wheel: We catch a Green Line driver dozing off, and a similarly unresponsive customer service agent.

Somebody hold us: The bad news on the local media scene continues.

And then it gets worse: Joe Keohane says Kevin Cullen has snapped.

Sports championships are not like children: We definitely have some favorites.

Roger Berkowitz carps on T conductors again: Can we finally toss this “controversy” aside like a day-old halibut?

John who? Our Culture Snob says Brockton Rox pitcher John Kelly is cooler than Josh Beckett. Seriously.

Somebody develop alternative fuels, and quick! High gas prices are making the commuter rail really, really busy.

Get it? GET IT?! Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama return to New Hampshire to kill subtlety.

Calling a cab could get even more costly: Maureen Feeney is back on the cab issue, and Keohane talks some sci-fi.

The Boston Herald: Soon to be printed in Chicopee.

Babies having babies: Now it’s also a media issue.

Neil Entwistle is guilty: Duh.

Next week, we expect an expose on water being wet: The Globe reports on the furor over pink hats.

But this is what has our engines revving: Stop with the in-game advertisements.

Our prayers are answered, at least temporarily: Kathryn Tappen takes over SportsDesk until NESN finds the new Hazel.

“Your finest source for baseless speculation since, like, seven months ago”: It’s the Hill and the Hall.

Boston is TitleTown: Steve Levy expects the voting is merely a formality.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be using as many as the seven words you can’t say on television to honor the late George Carlin.