We’re Not Happy When It Rains

When it comes to weather in New England, we generally follow the “at least it’s not snowing” school of thought. We can handle the heat. The humidity, we can live with. Even the occasional rainy summer weekend is fine.

1215028164But lately, our umbrellas have been getting more use than our sunglasses, and it’s slowly starting to wear us down. Every day, right around lunch or quitting time, we get caught in a sudden deluge.

Do we blame global warming? A persistent cold front? WBZ meteorologist Ken Barlow tells us to blame Canada.

“It’s actually due to a strong storm up in Canada that usually goes away by June and July,” Barlow told Boston Daily in an email.

“It’s still there and every day it sends us a batch of thunderstorms. There is a weather war between that storm and the ‘Bermuda High,’ which is supposed to be here at this time of the year and through the summer. Each fight[s] for control of our weather. Eventually the Bermuda High will win. . . it’s just a matter of time. The battle rages!”

We hope nature settles the matter soon, because it’s starting to become a safety issue. The Somerville Journal reports that almost all of the city’s fire trucks were responding to issues caused by today’s storms.

“Everybody went out at the same time, all at once,” [Somerville Fire Department Lieutenant Tom] Salemme said.

When Salemme was asked about the number of fallen tree limbs, he laughed. “Just about all of them,” he said.

We can deal with the unsettled weather while we’re sitting at our desks. But if this interferes with our Fourth of July plans (or drops a tree on our car), we’re going to head to Canada to try and dislodge that storm ourselves.