It’s Easy Passing Green Legislation

1208874038Despite all the predictions of doom from Republicans in 2006, it’s been remarkably rare that Gov. Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, and House Speaker Sal DiMasi find themselves on the same page. Democrats are funny that way.

Whether they’re having an all-out war over casino gambling, or disagreements over the governor’s life sciences legislation, the trio of Dems see things differently enough to keep things interesting on Beacon Hill.

But the three power players were of the same mind when it came to the Green Communities Act, which the governor signed into law yesterday.

The legislation (which policy wonks can read in its entirety here), removes some of the roadblocks to building renewable energy projects in the Bay State, provides incentives for communities to become green, and makes it easier for residents to use solar panels.

In a Globe editorial yesterday, Patrick called it the beginning of a new age. He also says it’s only the beginning of what he and his friends in the House and Senate will do to help save the polar bears.

This bill is just one piece of a clean energy vision for Massachusetts that I share with House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi and Senate President Therese Murray. Our vision capitalizes on the Commonwealth’s natural advantages in technology and entrepreneurship to combat rising energy costs and satisfy the need for new, clean, affordable ways to meet energy needs – creating a whole new industry along the way.

The power players on Beacon Hill aren’t the only ones who are thrilled with the development. It seems like everybody’s excited. From today’s Globe:

“This is a tremendous advancement that comes not a moment too soon, given rising energy prices and the climate crisis,” said Sue Reid, a lawyer with the Conservation Law Foundation.

Blue Mass Group is delighted as well.

When you wake up at the crack of dawn like I often do and go into the hallway to pick up the Globe and then get to read the headline “State starts a green era” I just can’t help but smile.

I’m gonna smile awhile about some of the good things happening. Politics often sucks, but when its good it can be really good. Today it feels good.

Everyone’s so happy. Strange.