Beverly Farms Gets Horrible

We didn’t grow up on the North Shore, so many of its traditions are alien to us. Sometimes, as with Gloucester’s greasy pole contest during St. Peter’s Fiesta, we can totally get on board.

1215445578Today, we learned about Beverly Farms’ annual Fourth of July Horribles Parade, which is in the news for crudely mocking the pregnancy furor that rocked Gloucester.

According to this guide, the Horribles Parade is usually meant to be in good fun.

The highlight of every Horribles Parade has always been children dressed in outlandish, outrageous, unusual, exotic and amusing costumes.

Well, that sounds pretty charming in a small-town way. But this year, a group of teenagers decided to poke fun at their working class neighbors by creating a float spoofing the pregnant teenagers. (You can see video here, with the pregnancy float appearing about two minutes in.)

The trouble starts when a truck comes into the frame with a hand-made sign that reads “Knock ’em up High Where Expectations are Low.” Then you can see a giant squirting phallus tied to the roof of a truck, followed by a group of girls dancing to Salt’n’Pepa’s “Push It.”

Stay classy, Beverly Farms!