Spanning the Web

Taking you around the Internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1213018811Liberal lions, cancer is a bear, oh my: The Associated Press obtained an email from Ted Kennedy’s wife, Vicki. She says the brain cancer is “a bear,” but that the liberal lion is doing well as he undergoes treatment. [WCVB]

Boston harbor—now with less crap! The EPA will announce today that is has approved a plan to prohibit boats from dumping treated waste in the harbor. Violators will be fined as much as $2,000. [Globe]

Size matters: Some Cambridge residents are hiring surveyors to prove that their property doesn’t lie actually in a flood plain. New FEMA measurements have put approximately 160 homes in the Alewife area on the list, which will cause their insurance bills to skyrocket. [Cambridge Chronicle]

Jim Marzilli isn’t the only politician with problems: Former New Hampshire congressional candidate Gary Dodds, who’s best known for faking his own disappearance to drum up votes, was arrested again this weekend and charged with assaulting his estranged wife. [WBZ]

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