David Ortiz: Rap Star

These days, superstars aren’t happy doing only one thing. Madonna isn’t only a pop star, but she’s also a children’s book author and reputed homewrecker.

The members of the Boston Red Sox are no different. Curt Schilling has his budding video game empire. Coco Crisp enjoys moonlighting as a rapper (though we always envisioned him as more of a Snap, Crackle and Pop Star—heyo!).

1215542897And now even David Ortiz has a side project. On WAAF’s Hill-Man Morning Show today, Darryl McDaniels of Run-D.M.C. announced that he’s working on a collaboration with Big Papi.

The Harlem native told the hosts that he’s spent a lot of time with the Sox slugger, and that Ortiz’s favorite Run-D.M.C. song is “It’s Tricky.”

“Me and Papi is doing a record,” McDaniels then said. “It’s gonna be crazy.”

D.M.C didn’t have a specific date for when we’ll hear the song, but says that he and the baseball star ‘is’ working on the track now.

We didn’t think any baseball player-slash-rapper could possibly top Coco’s infectious “We Got That Thing,” but Papi just might be able to outdo the center fielder with the help of D.M.C.