FBI to Investigate Celtics Fan’s Death

It’s always nice to have a second set of eyes on your work. What may seem fine to you may prove to be wrong to someone else. It’s why we have editors, auditors, and ethics commissions.

1215529764Today we learned that the Suffolk County DA and the Boston Police department’s investigation into the death of David Woodman after he was in police custody during the Celtics victory celebration will be reviewed by the FBI.

The federal review of the incident won’t happen until the local investigations are complete, and will be based on whatever reports the DA and BPD issue. The Woodman’s lawyer seems satisfied that the FBI will at least be involved at some point.

“I wish they would get involved earlier, but I can understand, given their resources, that the FBI would want to see what the investigation reveals or doesn’t reveal to determine whether they should get involved,” said Howard Friedman[.]

The BPD and the DA’s office said they will cooperate fully with the Feds. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said he wanted a transparent review of the case, although he had hoped to keep the investigation in-house. While the FBI’s involvement may seem like a back-handed slap at those efforts, if everything turns out on the up-and-up, as Davis has said it would, the Feds seal of approval will be welcome.