Red Auerbach’s Death Threat

1215549001We were shocked this morning to pick up the Globe’s sports section and find a story on a letter received by former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight that contained death threats aimed at the late Red Auerbach. Since the FBI had gotten involved, we figured the letter must have been really crazy, especially since the bureau tried to find its author.

Not sure what this means for our society, but to us, it sounded like your average wingnutty blog comment.

The staid paper of record said most of the letter’s contents were “too offensive” to be published, and didn’t put the contents online. But the Globe does publish some of the graphic threats.

If it was me, I would have grabbed a tire iron or pipe and cracked Auerbach’s bald skull into about a thousand pieces.

The only difference between this, and what makes it into the Herald’s comments section, is the postage needed to send a letter. Question for the day: Are we better now that racist Neanderthals are free to post comments under pseudonyms?