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1215520326Here comes the FBI: The feds will investigate the death of David Woodman after he was in police custody during the Celtics victory celebration, but not until the BPD and Suffolk County investigators have finished their review. [Globe]

Beverly’s baby boom: Gloucester isn’t the only town on the North Shore with a teenage pregnancy problem. Beverly also has a high number of pregnant kids. Let’s hope those girls at the Horribles Parade this weekend saved some of the condoms they were handing out. [Herald]

The federal government moves slowly during yet another crisis: A piece of legislation that would provide mortgage aid to homeowners who are facing foreclosure has been delayed by legislative wrangling. [Globe]

But he pinky-swore! Pro-gaming state reps are upset with House Speaker Sal DiMasi because he didn’t allow a bill that would allow slot machines at racetracks to come to the floor like he promised. [Herald]