Grand Theft Lowell

As baseball haters like to point out, the sport has a lot of downtime. Players have varying strategies for handling the lulls in action. Manny Ramirez likes to wave to the crowd, while Jacoby Ellsbury stands around and looks hot.

1215627669But perhaps the strangest way we’ve seen a player fill the time is Mike Lowell’s theft of a fan’s cell phone during last night’s game.

After chasing a foul ball into the stands in the ninth inning, Lowell grabbed a phone that was sitting on the wall as a prank. Sadly, the fan was too busy looking to see who caught the foul ball to see that the third baseman had his phone. (We would have immediately had him re-record our voicemail message.)

Lowell’s teammates expressed surprise at the hi-jinks.

Dustin Pedroia and Sean Casey told Roche they were in awe of what Lowell was able to do.

So are we, gentlemen. So are we.