Julie Donaldson’s Ordeal

As habitual readers of Boston Daily well know, we love our local sports reporters. (Especially the cute blonde ones.) They share in the joy of a championship, and are there for us in the agony of defeat at the hands of the Rays. We can’t help but grow attached to them.

1215617899Which is why we were shocked and saddened to hear that Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson was allegedly abused by her Slamball-player boyfriend.

Donaldson told an assistant Suffolk County DA that boyfriend Ivan Lattimore abused her four times since she moved to Boston, sometimes so badly she couldn’t go to work because of the bruises on her face. But the strangest incident is the one that occurred at an after-party at Donaldson’s apartment.

One of the women. . . testified yesterday that Lattimore groped one of her friends at the apartment. Alarmed, the women tried to leave[.] She said Lattimore became angry and grabbed her by the hair. When Donaldson tried to calm him, [the woman] said he threw his girlfriend approximately 5 feet against a wall.

Donaldson said she ran to her bedroom and locked the door, but Lattimore kicked it in. He punched her in the face at least twice, she said, and also bit her on the left cheek. “I remember a slow motion punch coming from the right side of my face,” she said, weeping.

Wow. What an (alleged) jackass.