We Smell Another Lucrative Software Contract…

1215630644Nobody likes dealing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. It seems like the dregs of society are always renewing their licenses at the same time as us, and we almost always forget some receipt or proof of insurance form we need to complete a transaction.

Even the courts get frustrated by communicating with the RMV. Boston.com reports that a state audit found thousands of drivers whose licenses had been suspended by the courts got to stay behind the wheel for years because the Registry has no system to make sure the rulings are entered into their database.

Somebody get Joseph Lally on the phone! It sounds like the state is ready to overpay for some more software.

[T]he RMV responded to the audit by “expressing frustration with delays in getting the information from the courts” but nonetheless committing to improve the timeliness of processing license suspensions and revocations.

In case the education department and state government didn’t already tip the RMV off, Lally’s been known to secure funding for a software bundle or two.