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1215607041Will City Hall get fishy? A state senator has a plan that would move the Aquarium to Southie, move City Hall to the Aquarium’s current location, and would open up City Hall Plaza to development. [Herald]

More fire department trouble: Fire commissioner Roderick Fraser may launch a new probe into the deaths of two firefighters because the initial investigation by the Board of Inquiry did not consider the autopsy reports that indicate the men had drugs in their system when they died. [Globe]

Take a cold bath, kids: Residents and politicians alike are sad because five of the state’s 36 public pools are still closed, even in the sweltering heat. Legislation to fix up the old pools may get Gov. Deval Patrick’s signature by the end of the month, but they may not be repaired in time for the 2009 swim season. [Herald]

Start saving your pennies for a fare hike: Even though MBTA retirees will have to contribute to their health insurance for the first time ever, the strapped agency doesn’t know where it will get the cash to pay for employees’ 13 percent raise. [Globe]